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2014 Calendar of Events

Retreat for Women
Qigong Women in the Wilderness Retreat
Ancient Wisdom...for Modern Women
June 8th 3:00 PM to June 12th 3:00 PM

For more info & to register:
Call 1-800-341-8895
E-mail: Kali@QiCentral.org
or cishager@yahoo.com


Qigong, Taiji, Subtle-Energy Work

• Phoenix Style Taiji
• Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong
•Reduce Stress & Have More Energy
• Acupressure for Women’s Health
• Health Maintenance & Healing
for Women’s Body, Mind and Spirit
...and more


2014 Specials

"Guest House.." Special

Any Reservation Made.. for the Season ( Except Concerts Weeks in Sept. to Nov ) will get 5 nights for the Price of 2..

  • Clubhouse $600 for Sun -Thurs
  • Cottage $250 for Sun - Thurs
  • Easterday House $300 for Sun -Thurs

    Ok.. let's make this a Little Clearer..

    1. The Clubhouse Season is March 1 to Dec. 1.( we drain it for the Winter )
    2. Rental Fee for a Sunday thru Thursday Reservation will only be $600.00 (Usually $300 per night)
    3. However.. The Reservation can be for anytime during the Year. except Concert Season
    4. You will have to call the office to make this reservation.. You can not do it on line..

    My goal is simple... Most of the time the House only books for the Weekend... I want people to love and enjoy our guest houses.. I also want to get it booked for the Summer... So don't delay..
    It's a great way to have a mini Vacation.. and there is plenty to do in the Area...
    Really try to get those March Weeks.. the eagles are still here then...

Rates will include for Guest Houses a 25.00 cleaning fee and All taxes apply as well...

Wildwood Summer Specials
45.00 bucks a Day.. Upstairs Rooms Only
June 29 - July 1... 2 meals a Day Included...
July 29 - July 31... 2 meals a Day Included...


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Meramec Music Thearte
Are you looking for some great live music? Merame Music Theatre


Email us at wildwood1922@misn.com
Current Office Hours, Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm.
For reservations please call(573) 775-2400
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