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2015 Calendar of Events

Retreat for Momen May 31 - June 4, 2015
Retreat for Women
Qigong Women in the Wilderness Retreat
Ancient Wisdom...for Modern Women
May 31st 3:00 PM to June 4th 3:00 PM

For more info & to register:
Call 1-800-341-8895
E-mail: Kali@QiCentral.org
or cishager@yahoo.com


Qigong, Taiji, Subtle-Energy Work

• Phoenix Style Taiji
• Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong
•Reduce Stress & Have More Energy
• Acupressure for Women’s Health
• Health Maintenance & Healing
for Women’s Body, Mind and Spirit
...and more

Staycaton Special June 19-25, 2015
Splash and Boogie June 6th.
4th of July Special July 1-7, 2015
4th of July Special


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Meramec Music Thearte
Are you looking for some great live music? Merame Music Theatre


Email us at wildwood1922@misn.com
Current Office Hours, Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm.
For reservations please call(573) 775-2400
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